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Honk For Hearts

An American Heart Association Affiliation

Thank you for visiting the first official Honk For Hearts page!

Join Alpha Inc. for the Maui Heart Walk on April 18th, 2020

Keopuolani Regional Park

7:00am registration/ 8:00am walk

Honk For Hearts

 Alpha, Inc. has paired up with the Hawaii Chapter Of the American Heart Association (AHA) and several other companies to help spread the word on all the great things the AHA does to help battle heart disease.

Our mission is to encourage people to honk when they see the Honk For Hearts magnets to help us spread the word about the American Heart Association and the importance of maintaining a healthy heart.

While the AHA is a nationwide company, Hawaii strongly benefits from all the great things the AHA has to offer. 

See the flyer below that shows a few of the things the AHA does with and for the residents of Maui.

They asked for our help and now we are asking for your help!



To donate to our company group through the AHA : Click here

The link will bring you to an official AHA Maui Heart Walk Website,

where you can join and/or donate to our team.

Start a team

Sign up for the Maui Heart Walk

Get your own walk team together

and fundraise towards AHA


Join us for the Maui Heart Walk!

April 18th, 2020

7:00 AM for registration/ 8:00 AM for the walk

More details below

How did “Honk For Hearts” get started?

While at a sponsor meeting, we were all trying to figure out the best way to better inform the public about the AHA. We realized several of the participating companies have vehicles on the road and we should use those to advertise! Since getting truckers to honk is a long standing pastime we wanted to bring this concept in as well. Thus, the idea Honk for Hearts was born. The goal was to create a quick attraction to the magnets in hopes of spiking curiosity. 

Why Is Alpha Inc. Involved?

Everyone has their ‘why’ and here at Alpha, Inc. our why is ohana. We believe family is a vital part of life and part of keeping family together is being heart healthy. It is important to take care of ourselves, our families and friends and our neighbors for our ohanas. Here on the Islands we have a high rate of heart disease and we want to help battle it!

For more information on the AHA please visit

Don't forget to honk when you see our signs!

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AHA Walk flyer.png
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