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On Saturday July 9th, 2022 Alpha kicked off its First Annual Volunteer Program!

We coordinated separate groups at each Non-Profit site listed below. Our employees had the option to choose from the following 3 volunteer sites to donate their time:
1: Maui Humane Society in Kihei.
2: Habitat For Humanity in Keokea.
3: Boys & Girls Club in Makawao.

As a last minute addition - Alpha donated to each Non-Profit $500 per employee that volunteered at that specific site!

We also had Maui Food Bank donation barrels at each location for our crews to drop off any canned goods before they started!

Maui Humane Society 

As a team of 19 - this crew was able to repaint the roof of the facility, an outdoor shed as well as the white stripe across the pavement for the animals paws to stay cool. They laid out and raked over 15 bags of mulch, installed a sun shade around one of the outdoor areas and even reinforced a light in one of their surgery rooms that was not secured all the way.

Habitat For Humanity 

The Habitat for Humanity crew were able to work on Mr.Ponce's lot located in The Keokea Hawaiian Homesteads subdivision.

As a team of 11 - they were able to wrap the ENTIRE home and install all window fixtures. They also measured, cut and installed all roof sheeting for the home.

Boys and Girls Club of Maui

This team of 9 was able to revamp the teen room exactly as they wanted it to be! The site manager Matt had this crew Prep, Prime and Paint the Teen room walls from bright and busy colors to white so the environment can remain calm. They also restored and painted outdoor cabinets that were starting to peel.

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