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Honokōwai, Hawaiʻi

West Maui Recycled Water Expansion Phase 2 encompasses a construction project that includes the following components: an Effluent Pump Station (EPS) with two effluent pumps, discharge piping, flow splitter box, wetwell, and effluent storage. The project also involves modifications to the effluent piping of the existing ultraviolet disinfection (UV) system and associated manholes to convey recycled water from the UV system to the new EPS.


Other elements of the project include the installation of 24-inch and 16-inch recycled waterlines, flow meter and valve vaults with associated controls and appurtenances, a hydropneumatic tank with its controls and appurtenances, and overflow piping to redirect reject water flow to the existing filter reject water well. Additionally, the construction will involve an EPS electrical building, electrical improvements such as switchgear and transformer installation, SCADA modifications, and all necessary site work, excavation, backfill, and restoration of existing improvements.


The completion of these tasks, along with other incidental work, is essential to successfully finish the West Maui Recycled Water Expansion Phase 2 project. This initiative aims to enhance the efficiency and reliability of the recycled water system, providing significant benefits to the West Maui community.

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