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Honokōwai, Hawaiʻi

West Maui Recycled Water Expansion Phase 3 focuses on enhancing the West Maui Recycled Water System, which is operated by the County of Maui, Department of Environmental Management, Wastewater Reclamation Division. This system produces the highest grade of recycled water, R-1, for non-potable use and distributes it through the region. The primary objective of this project is to upgrade the existing system.


The proposed actions in this project include renovating the Honokōwai Reservoir to enhance its functionality as elevated recycled water storage. Additionally, an aging 20-inch recycled waterline (RW) will be replaced with a new 24-inch line. Furthermore, a new reuse pump station and recycled water storage basin will be constructed at the Lahaina WWRF. These improvements aim to provide users with a more reliable supply of recycled water and enable the connection of additional users to the system.


The overall goal of these proposed improvements is to reduce the demand on potable water resources and minimize the reliance on injection wells for effluent disposal. By upgrading the West Maui Recycled Water System, the project contributes to a more sustainable and efficient water management approach in West Maui.

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